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Kidafell is situated on the southern shore of Hvalfjordur , off road n47 and 6km/4miles from road n1, turn into road 460.

The farm is 38 Km/24 miles from Reykjavik.

Keflavik Int. airport is 50 Km/31 miles from Reykjavik.

There is no direct public transport between Keflavik and Kidafell.All roads are very well sign posted

GPS 64.304135, -21.778173

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By car or bicycle from Keflavik airport


From Keflavik airport you need to take road n41 - also called Reykjanesbraut - to Reykjavik. When you reach Hafnarfjordur the n41 road takes a right-hand turn (second set of traffic lights after you have driven down the hill).


You will eventually pass under a bridge/overpass, from then on you need to keep to the right hand lane as this will branch off (sign posted n1 / n49 / Mosfellbaer, just before the next overpass) and join up with the Vesturlandsvegur, the road which leads out of Reykjavik and which becomes the n1 circular road going north.


From Vesturlandsvegur the sea will be on your left hand-side all the way to destination. Keep following the road and the sign posts for n1 / Mosfellsbaer / Akureyri. Continue through Mosfellbaer, you will then, eventually pass the small community of Grundarhverfi, and after a further 7km/4 miles and before the Hvalfjordur tunnel, you should take a right hand turn onto road n47, another 5km/3miles on and you will see the sign post for Kidafell on the right hand side.



On foot from Keflavik airport and from Reykjavik


You have a choice of taking either the Flybus or a taxi to Reykjavik. The journey time is 45min., the Flybus drops off passengers at Hotel Loftleidir.


Once in Reykjavik you can either use Reykjavik city public transport (Straeto) or use the scheduled coach service from the BSI coach terminal.


Please note that drivers on the Reykjavik city bus service cannot make change, so have coins on you.


The n 7 bus which has a route between Laekjartorg (city centre) and Artun bus terminal, has a stop at hotel Loftleidir.

The buses run weekdays every 20min. between 07h00 and 19h00, every 60min. between 19h00 and 24h00, Saturdays every 60 min. between 07h00 and 24h00 and holidays every 60 min. between 10h00 and 24h00.


If using city transport, you need to get bus n20, which leaves from Reykjavik's Artun bus terminal to Grundarhverfi/Arnarholt, from there it is a 13 km/8 mile walk to the farm. For timetable of buses you can either contact us or go to the website.


The BSI umferdarmidstodin (coach/bus terminal) is on Vatnsmyrarvegur (road parallel to Hringbraut) and is 2 km from hotel Loftleidir, the n7 stops nearby on Hringbraut.

From BSI you need to get the coach going to Borganes. You should ask the driver to drop you off at the n47 road turn off, just before the Hvalfjordur tunnel. The farm is a 6km/4 miles walk from the turn off and is on the right-hand side of the road (signposted). For timetable of coaches you can either contact us or go to the website.



We can collect guests from the n47 road turn off, from Grundarhverfi and from Reykjavik. Please telephone ahead of time to arrange.